Why do some people sometimes feel lonely?

Why do they not return to the common world? In this world of cheap feelings and liquidation values.

Because these “different” people are deep, nothing will serve them.

They live in the real world .. “THIS OF MAGIC AND SPIRIT” and not in the imagination that they sell us as real.

They have few friendships because by vibration they only connect with few people.

Her home is a sanctuary of magic that not everyone understands; candles, crystals, incense, crafts, plants, abound everywhere.

We are not common, nor our environment.

We are not understood by everyone and we do not care.

We don’t aspire to talk about the latest fashions or what’s going on with the show;

We are talking about universes, advice, dreams, magic, spirits, consciousness, spirituality, love.

We are very empathetic, sensitive, real and we do not fit into a world of appearances, disguises or facades.

Why is a “different” person alone?

Because the spirit first teaches her to love herself and know how to be with herself, then to share with others and to extend herself to others.

Such a person is not afraid of loneliness: he uses it for his growth, to look within and further activate his feelings, which he then shares in a circle with other people, who, although they are far away, feel close by affinity of frequencies, vibrational.

Such a person has to break down many untruths in his own way before he meets, living in other bodies. But when he finds himself, then his soul family appears in his wake.

We meet…and it’s cause for celebration

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