When you start taking care of your energy, you start attracting better people, you start attracting better times, you start feeling better.
It all starts in you.
When you take care of your energy, no matter what environment you are in, the light is within you and nothing affects you.
We work our energy day by day, in daily conduct, in the feelings we emit, that we produce in ourselves and in others…in thought, temperament and character.
And you should have realized that some actions have the power to drain our energy while others help keep it high.
You reinforce certain moods by repeating your own thoughts and emotions.
Obsessive thoughts and toxic feelings consume energy and attract negativity.
Gratitude positively affects your vibrational frequency.
Adopt this habit of gratitude.
The simple act of gratitude is capable of increasing your level of personal happiness.
During your day, look carefully at what you are offering your mind for nourishment. Seek to listen to songs that make you feel good, watch and read things that provide an intellectual benefit or help you vibrate at a higher frequency.
Eliminate the habit of complaining and speaking ill of others.
Try not to think anything negative.
Go 24 hours without saying anything negative about the world, anyone, or yourself. Watch how your life changes.
Monitor your vibrational frequency.
Your energy is as important as your physical health, take good care of it!

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