Before complaining about anything, take the time to look at everything that is going well in your life.
Before saying that life is difficult, look at how many times you say no to it when it offers you new opportunities.
Before sighing on your emotional or material lacks, list all the abundance in your life.
Before saying that nothing is happening, raise your eyes to the sky and observe what is happening there: the spectacle is incredible!
Before planning what you want to do over the next few months, take the time to really live this moment, just this one.
Before blaming your spouse, your friend, your neighbor, your boss, list their qualities and put yourself in their shoes for a few moments: everyone is doing their best.
Before you lose patience with someone, ask yourself how you would like to be treated in their situation.
Before punishing your child, ask yourself what you could highlight that is positive about him and express it to him.
Before becoming discouraged by a problem that seems insoluble, see how Life has fun throwing new challenges at you each time you have taken the previous step.
Before judging your neighbour, seek instead to find goodness in him.
Before asserting that Life is unfair, remember that Life always brings you what is best for your personal evolution.
Before resisting what is, ask yourself how you can open your heart and your mind more to welcome everything.
Before trying to control the other, remember that humans are made to be free and that you do not know what is best for them; often you don’t even know it for yourself.
Before comparing yourself to others, remember that comparing yourself is living in hell.
Before diminishing yourself so as not to embarrass others or to not seem pretentious, remember that the greatest sin of pride is that of believing yourself smaller than what you really are.
Before wasting your time on social media, on the networks or in front of the TV, ask yourself how you would spend your time if you knew it was your last day on earth: every moment is important.
Before condemning the one who does not think like you, know that Life has put him on your way so that you can know another point of view in order to broaden your horizons.
Before choosing your next step, be silent within yourself and listen to the surge of the heart that rises within you.
Before leaving everything, ask yourself if it is a movement of flight, and then you will not have learned the lesson, or a surge of the heart, and then you will have retained the learning.
Before making the next decision, ask yourself what really drives you in this new choice and see if there are any strategies of the ego to make you love or to be well seen.
Before resisting, let go.
Before saying yes to the other person, make sure you are not saying no to yourself.
Before you close your eyes when you go to bed, ask your Consciousness to show you what still remains in you which is less than the Light of Love in order to be able to transcend it.
Before opening your eyes in the morning, savor this space where the identification with your character has not yet manifested and where you are still Pure Consciousness without duality.
Before wanting to experience enlightenment, clean up your false beliefs that are hindering your destiny.
Before you refuse to forgive your parents, remember that you chose them and that you signed a soul contract together, a contract of mutual upliftment so that they act exactly as they did for your own evolution, at your own request before your incarnation.
Before you let yourself sink, ask for help: it will come in a form that may be unexpected, but it will come: you are never alone.
Before you forget, kiss the ones you love and tell them how much they mean to you.
Before reaching the end of your road, live each moment intensely, with all the Love that you carry within you, even when things do not go as you would like.
First of all, Love. Love everything, love everyone, love yourself, love Life. Love.

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