When you recover your Power, you will respect the other and you will be respected (or there will be no possible relationship).

When you find your Power, you will not wait for others to approve of you. You will approve of yourself and walk in your own security.

When you find your Power, you will decide for yourself, you will be your own master. No one will impose their opinion on you, you will no longer be manipulated

When you find your Power, it is you who will mark the rhythm of your life, whether this rhythm is that of others or not, you will no longer look outside, you will check inside yourself.

When you will find your Power, the valid truth will be that which is in your heart, not that which comes from outside like a dogma.
You will know how to hear the voice of your inner power.
You will guide yourself by your power (love) and no longer by your strength (fear).

When you take back your Power, you will not have to worry about your entourage: you will attract (without doing anything) the people who resonate with you and will remove those who will not accept your way of being.
You will end up accepting that you are the generator of your living conditions. You build your life.

When you take back your Power, you will stop begging for affection: you will love yourself unconditionally, you will extend this affection, this love in all directions and you will receive it.
Already then you will accept that what you give you receive and what is inside is outside.

When you find your Power, you will be sure that EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE, and that there are infinite possibilities.

When you find your Power, you will not need to know the “future”. You will trust in yourself and in existence and create your own future by enjoying your present.

When you find your Power, you will not ask what to do: “you will know what to do”.

When you regain your Power, you will be yourself, without fear of the judgment of others, whatever you do.

When you regain your Power:

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