Everyone thinks they know how to love, but very few people actually know how to love. I’m talking about loving true, loving without wanting to “possess”.
Loving without attaching but on the contrary presumes the other is free to exist outside oneself.
This is not resigning oneself to not having exclusivity and pushing him to be unfaithful to us, but on the contrary, it is wanting as the highest proof of love that he first be faithful to himself. .
This love implies an understanding, a total respect of the loved one and also of oneself.
This implies not imposing your desires or your will, not wanting to exercise any power over him.
In reality, we really like it when we don’t use the weakness of the other to impose our strength on them.
But to love truly, we must of course be aware that our current way of loving is very often conditioned by our emotional lack linked to childhood, by the false or devaluing ideas that have been passed on to us by our loved ones, society, so-called morality.
When we hope and do everything for the other to restore to us the love that we may have missed in our childhood, we are asking for something far too big for him.
How could he measure up? No man, no woman can replace this love…
We must therefore already mourn this, refrain from a better past, accept what has been and forgive ourselves for having maintained the suffering for so long.
To move forward, you must also recognize your share of responsibility in everything and not constantly run away from it by placing the blame on the other.
Then, we have to see in ourselves our own value, because we all have one, we are all unique, special beings.
Then begins a work of resilience that allows us to transcend suffering and we can finally begin to love the being that we are.
From then on we can also truly love the other for what he is and not for what we would like him to be.
We must also bear in mind that the person we love is not the one who completes us because we were already a whole being before meeting him.
You just have to think that he is only a “supplement”, someone who embellishes our existence but who in no way fills it.
So when he leaves our life, because very often love stories come to an end, this one will not collapse for all that.
We will even agree to let him leave the car, we will know deep down that we cannot prevent him from living what he has to live elsewhere. He is a free being and we must respect his choices, even if it hurts us….
The encounters we make are never the result of chance! Each human being, who accompanies us a bit of the way, has something to teach us about ourselves or we have something to teach him about him.
We must therefore welcome him as best we can, try to understand the message, live each moment intensely in his presence, and then let him go when he decides, when someone else has chosen or someone else calls him elsewhere.
To love like this is to access the source of love in oneself which will make giving love to others become our essential, our absolute priority.
Especially when we realize that by giving without expecting anything in return, we receive infinitely.
This Love there, Love without any conditions, without fear, without reproaches, without expectations, it is the only one, the true Love there is.
Everything else is just illusions and unnecessary suffering

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