The characteristics of the man who awakened the qualities of the Divine Masculine in him: the divine man

He is not ruled by his dominating ego
The man who is in his sacred masculine has chosen the power of love over the love of power. He is not ready to do anything for more money, for ever higher status, for ever more power, forgetting others.
The man who is in his sacred masculine has learned to identify his ego, and to unmask his way of thinking, “horizontal” (always seek to be “better” or “stronger” than others). He understood that he is part of the whole. of the universe. He does not make a significant difference between women and men. He does not need to crush or dominate anyone to prove his own strength. He does not need a “status” to identify himself and know “who he is”. He understood that on the scale of the universe and on the scale of the soul, a “status” does not mean anything.

He accepts his emotions and is connected to his heart
The man who is not in his sacred masculine assumes his fears and his emotions, they welcome them without identifying with them. It distinguishes between sexual desire, emotions and the heart.
The man who is in his sacred masculine is connected to his heart. He understood that having a heart was not a quality that should be reserved only for women, but on the contrary only men who have a heart can truly change the world and reverse the balance of this domination by the ego and the search for the power that destroys men, animals and destroys the planet. He loves the good.

He uses his strength to do good
The man who is in his sacred/divine masculine does not use his physical and mental strength to dominate. He has empathy, compassion.
He uses his physical and mental strength to do good. He loves and wishes to help and protect whatever he can. He makes no difference between being a man, a woman, or even an animal. For him, all forms of life must be respected. He wants to be a force for good, to protect men, women, children, animals and nature.

He respects women and honors the sacred feminine in them
The man who is in his sacred masculine loves the woman in a respectful way, he does not see her just as a sexual object. He sees her as his equal, his complement. For him the woman is a divine creature (just like the man, and the animals), and there is no difference.
He likes to honor and encourage the sacred feminine in her. He does not allow himself to be fooled by games of seduction. He wants a woman in his image, anchored in his sacred femininity. He understood the spiritual purpose of romantic relationships which is to evolve together to become the best version of ourselves.

The divine man is not controlled by his ardor
The man who is in his sacred masculinity has control over his ardor. He understood that the act was something very powerful, from an invisible point of view it is enormous energy exchanges that occur, and used improperly, it can be very destructive.
He likes it and does not reject it but wishes to use his energy with a partner who will also bring him a whole panoply of other feelings, a cocktail of sensations impossible to feel during the exchange without consciousness. A partner on the same path. He’s in the trade. He is honest in his relationships and has understood the importance of a relationship with a woman and the importance of sincerity. He knows too well how destructive lies can be and does not do to others what he would not like to be done to him.

He cares about his impact on his environment and participates in its healing.

He does not reject the masculine physical qualities that make him “a man” and expresses his own identity
Male energy is something very beautiful, put to good use and should not be discarded. The man who has reconnected to his masculine essence is a strong and powerful being, while being deeply good and thinking with his heart.

Man in his sacred masculine does not scatter his seed. He shared it with the woman in her sacred feminine.

It builds a divine couple.

For the good of all, for the common good.

The world is waiting for you, we women are waiting for you, we love you.

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