The relationship between conscious people is the highest and most loving thing that you may live.
Both worked on their interior before homecoming, they healed and prepared to this embrace which allows them to feel at home.
It is possible that a few days before his arrival, you felt his presence, his warmth, his smile, his being. There is no attachment, no expectations just dancing together on the path you have dreamed of, away from mental structures and vibrating from the infinite connection of the soul.
You do not intend to change the other, you accept him as he is, his light and his shadow are part of the integration of your own heart.
You do not belong to yourselves, but you respect the sacred Union of the energy that you decided to share from the moment when you recognized its history, its breath and its life.
There is harmony between your two souls, your two bodies, between your different spirits
but more similar than the others.
Your union is the infinite, it is magic presence and Healing Light.


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