One day two friends were talking to each other, one said “my wife is a witch” and the other asked him why he was talking about her like that, he saw that she was a good woman.
To which this man replied:
“Being a witch is not synonymous with wickedness, that’s not what they show in the tales, a Witch is a different woman, you have to get used to her quirks, her intriguing and deep looks, come home and smell the smell of incense or something that’s burned but what?
You know that’s a good thing, you gotta get used to seeing minerals everywhere, a few candles being lit on any day and know you can never put them out, you gotta get used to believing in its intuition and that if she tells you not to trust, or to trust, get used to seeing her sometimes so sure and sometimes recognizing her shadows and wiping her wounds with tears, silence or distance, without judging her .
Get used to it and accept it blindly, not of your person, but of your whole being, because reason will not lead you to understand it.
Understand that if she gives you a hug or a caress it’s because she feels it, she doesn’t love just anyone and when she does it it’s from the heart.
Listen to her talk about energy, ancestors, emotions, dreams, past lives, healing and even if you don’t believe it, supporting her will be the best thing, otherwise she will not hesitate to rethink her relationship, because she won’t stay with someone who is not in her own life with her vibrational frequency, that’s why you have to replace reason with Feeling.
If you meet a witch and you love her, don’t try to understand her, just support her moments and accompany her in her madness, even silence is good company for a witch.
Respect her spaces, then you will have yours, where she will show you the sky with a kiss or make you touch the Universe with the passion of her dedication.
You will be a lucky man, you will feel so loved that you will never doubt her or her Love.
She will protect you beyond Life, for her Loyalty is immeasurable.
Love her, thank her presence in your life, I feel blessed to have a witch in my life.

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