Yesterday you had a hard time, they told me to put you in time out and let you come back when you calmed down. What will I teach you if I listen to them? You will learn that you are accepted just when you are having good and happy moments, you will learn that you are loved and accepted conditionaly and you will never dare to be yourself.

They told me to punish you but you will learn that’s ok to punish someone , weaker than you. Later in life can be a vulnerable teenager in your highschool, then your best friend when you don’t agree with him, it can be your future wife, then your child and go on.

They told me to give you plates to break. What you will learn is that it’s ok to break things, break peoples feelings, when something is not as you want.

They also told me to hit you to corect you till is not late. No, dear loved one, I will never even dare to think about. Your body is yours, it belongs to you not to me or someone else and no one should touch you without your consent. I will not corect you because you are perfect the way you are. What they see is not correct in you is not your reality, are not your problems and they not belong to you.

Instead of listening to them, i will folow my heart and let you BE till the storm will pass.

You are loved, you are important, you are special.

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