I am learning to lighten myself by gradually eliminating in my everyday life everything that seems useless, heavy and superfluous to me…
I’m learning to remove from my life all these little obligations that burden my daily life and that I do out of fear and not out of satisfaction…
I learn to listen to the signs that life sends me such as not being able to reach a person, or the unpleasant emotions that I feel in contact with another…
I learn to honor the life that guides me every moment, not in what I want at all costs, but in what is best for my inner liberation.
I learn to thank every little thing that is beautiful and fair in my day and that I receive as a precious gift, such as, for example, having exchanged with my child about everything and nothing, cooking a good dish, having bought a pretty bouquet flowers or doing my housework with the satisfaction of having a clean and tidy house.
I learn that there is no “chance”, only appointments.
I learn and I especially remember that today is still an exceptional opportunity to experience joy, gratitude and contentment, because I don’t know if tomorrow I will still have the chance to be there.
I learn that those I love are not eternal either and that every day I want to let them know how much they mean to me.
I’m learning that age doesn’t matter, and that my wrinkles and white hair speak volumes about everything I’ve been through, and all the courage it took me to sometimes stay alive in spite of all…
I’m learning that the love I seek is within me and that I can’t love anyone unconditionally unless I do it with myself first.
I learn that I came here to learn and agree to remain teachable and humble until my dying day.
I learn that life is Love and I learn to marvel in total joy and radiance.

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