What if you stopped calling yourself hypersensitive, indigo, crystal child, rainbow child, God, Goddess, medium, Master, shaman, channel, zebra or victim, executioner, to be this or that….
To think that the other is your soul mate, twin soul or others.
And if you went beyond all these identifications by remaining in these identifications of yourself you block yourself. You lock yourself into a role, into a story.
There is no more room for anything else.
By identifying the other being this or that, you limit your vision of him.
By identifying your couple you also create limits and dependence.
All these identifications divide externally and internally.
You create a separation in yourself and with the other.
Either you sit above or below.

Regarding hypersensitivity, you can indeed be very sensitive but you’re not just that…
By saying that you are hypersensitive, you are not going beyond that.
You can also use this belief to make excuses for yourself.
Excuses not to overtake you.
Apologies to complain.
Excuses to run away from others.
Excuses to blame others, society, life….
Take the time to settle down and be honest with yourself.
Don’t feel guilty for making excuses.
Everyone makes excuses.
Simply if your life today is not what you want, it may be time to move towards more responsibility and maturity.

Some children are called indigo or otherwise and this locks them into a role.
They develop a sense of difference and separation from other children who are not so qualified.
The notion of inferior or superior is only a limited vision of the ego.
Children are born with highly developed abilities and some with other qualities.
There is nothing to compare…
The qualities or capacities of each are sacred and have as much value qualities and abilities develop in everyone. It’s a matter of path, choice and priorities
The less you are identified, the more it is possible to develop certain faculties.
The freer you are of beliefs, patterns, fears, repressions…the more you are willing to live unity. Unity leads to the unlimited.
If you tell a child that he is slow, aggressive, stupid… You lock him into a limited belief in himself and you lock yourself into a limited vision of the child.
It is not because a child has certain behaviors that he must be identified with that.
You can say for example:
“Sometimes you can be aggressive” It is very different from: “You are aggressive”
You can add after, a sentence that shows him all his value
For example : “I see all your beauty”
It is essential to reveal the qualities of each without locking them into identifications.
When you are free of identifications everything is possible. It is a wider field of creativity.

There is also a lot of Ego in these identifications.
Wounded parts that want to be recognized.
By remaining in this expectation of recognition, you cannot access your true nature.
Your true nature is beyond expectations, beliefs… It is free even if you have qualities or abilities that lead you to think that you are, for example, a medium.
Don’t lock yourself into this role.
You can say for example that you practice mediumship. If you say I am a medium, that is all you are.
You could go beyond, way beyond…
You may not even have an idea of ​​what it is possible to embody.
Life is a mystery.
Life is unlimited
You are what you think you are.
If you stop being this or that, you enter the unlimited.
So you return to life, to the living, far from your head.
You can finally experience unity:”Love and Blessings”

paint: https://www.facebook.com/LaviniaLovePaint

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