We need healers women who have been through hell and back bringing with them innocence and purity.

Women who see the soul, listen to it, infuse it with the vibrations of love, magic words, sweet songs.

Women who can caress the soul. They hold the hand of an injured child, an injured girl and lift them up to look at the rainbow.

Women who speak to trees, stones, animals, mountains, water, who listen to them, understand them, advise them; they help them, support them.

Women who have healed their emotional wounds, the violence, built their self-esteem, learned to love themselves, to love, to say no.

Women who know herbs, flowers, magical arts and have learned not to be ashamed of them. Women who, when they move, are accompanied by rows of Angels, and their movement is like a dance of energy, on different levels.

Women who honor their roots by transforming them and bringing new lymph to the tree. Women who are no longer victims, but effective choices.

Women who can help other souls to free themselves, who possess the sacred art of healing, the fruit of a long journey of healing.

Women who express themselves by being humble because they no longer need to be seen by others, they have become aware of who they are. They were honored with blessings.

Women who know who they are, women who serve the world.

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