Dedicated to sensitive men who worthily honor and protect feminine energy, who dare to break away from prejudice to motivate and inspire the wisdom within every woman.

There are male guardians of the Sacred Feminine and of the power that resides within the female womb.
Men who honor Mother Earth, who love her, who take care of her fruits.

Men who respect their blood and their vitality.

Men who come face to face with the fragility and strength of life, their hearts open to all relationships and connections with the Universe.

Men who have reconciled with their true essence and who open their arms to the very essence of the human experience.

Men who smile at the smile of a child, who look with a new light in their eyes, who bow before the woman who carries within herself the mystery of the visible and the non-visible.

Men capable of opening their hearts to a woman and loving her, watching her, protecting her.

Men who dare to be loved, watched, cared for and also protected.

These men who stripped themselves of the rigid and absolute armour, of the sages, find themselves here and now, in the service of a new dream of life… of a new love.

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