You can’t choose to be in love!
Love chooses you…
It happens, and that’s it.
It doesn’t matter if it’s the right time or not!
If he has a character opposite to yours…
If he’s twice or half your age.
If he lives on the other side of the world…
If this is the best, or the worst, thing that could happen to you…
It’s not serious !
Love comes like that.
He doesn’t ask your permission.
He asks nothing.
He chooses you.
Love is not just an attraction or a choice…
It is not related to beauty, intelligence, fine qualities…
Oh no!
Love is a connection,
A magical vibe,
A mystical force,
A single current,
A storm of emotions,
A huge landslide!
Love is like life…
That’s all we didn’t choose!
Love is free and indomitable…
You no longer master or control anything.
That’s also how you recognize it…
It lives in you, haunts you,
Even when you try to chase it…
It is he who takes control of your heart and your thoughts!
And the best, and the wisest, is to surrender to it…
Because who are we to decide that Life was wrong when it presented it to us?

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